Oor wee podcast

“We felt Scots voices do not get a fair representation in mainstream children’s programming. This inspired us to create ‘Oor Wee Podcast’ to celebrate Scots language through the art of storytelling and haivering”. 

Scots Language in the 2021 Scottish Parliament Election

On 6 May the 2021 Scottish Parliament election will be held.  The Scots Language Centre contacted the seven parties with elected representation in the Scottish Parliament or the House of Commons to ask about their support of Scots in the forthcoming parliament.

The Scottish Cultural Cringe

Blog post by Colin Burnett,, author of ‘A Working Class State of Mind’ a short story collection written entirely in East coast Scots that “brings the everyday reality and language of life in Scotland to the surface”. The post refers to The Eclipse of Scottish Culture by Beveridge and Turnbull (1989). The Scottish Cultural Cringe refers to the Scots lacking personal and political confidence in their ability to govern themselves. Beveridge and Turnbull argue the Scots suffer from a sense of psychological inferiority in which Scots have come to see themselves and they are seen by England i.e. as being inferior to and dependent upon the largesse of England.

See my own 2015 post on the Beveridge and Turnbull book.

Also, from a few days ago.

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