Scots has a distinctive grammar, similar but not the same as Scottish English. Scots speakers are often unaware of its existence, but may still use it every day!
Scots Grammar Broonie was one of the first grammars specifically for bairns. It contains grammar worksheets. The second edition is still available as a print-on-demand title from EUP, or from Amazon, Abebooks etc.

Grammar Broonie: A Guide Tae Scots Grammar (Scots Language Dictionaries)

Grammar Broonie: A Guide Tae Scots Grammar Scots Language Dictionaries: Rennie, Susan, Fitt, Matthew, Robertson, Barbara: Books

Modren Scots Grammar is written in Scots, again for bairns.

Modren Scots Grammar – Luath Press

Dealing with grammar in a modern way, with modern terminology, this book gives readers an understanding of the way language works. Providing readers with the vocabulary to think about and discuss Scots, English and other Modern languages, Modren Scots Grammar fits with the Curriculum for Excellence in that it provides the grounding for readers to undertake further exploration and discover language for themselves.

For adults, the ScotsHaunbuik Scots Learners’ is still a pretty usable summary.

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Wir Ain Leid from Scots Online covers the same ground in more detail.

Scots Online

West Kilbride, North Ayrshire Everyday speech in lowland Scotland and Ulster varies from speaker to speaker. This is often referred to as a speech continuum. In Scotland that continuum ranges from Traditional Scots, often called Braid Scots, the Doric, the Buchan Claik or the Moray Claik and Lallans (Lowlands) – to Scottish Standard English.

Michael Dempster has produced a fascinating series of 8 videos on the grammar of (West Central) spoken Scots.
The overlap with the written grammars above is astonishing.

01 Scots Language An Accent – Introduction to Scots

Scots is a language. It has its own system of sounds, which has been adapted to speak Scottish Standard English, its own vocabulary, its own grammar and its…


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