A selection of TV and radio documentaries about Scots.

[VIDEO] The Story of English Episode 4 The Guid Scots Tongue (1986)

The Story Of English Program 4 The Guid Scots Tongue Complete

Program four in the series Story of English follows the thread of the Gaelic tongue as it is practiced by the Scottish, following the influx of the Scots int…

[VIDEO] The Mother Tongue (1996) 

The Mother Tongue, pairt 1

The grund-brakkin series fae Billy Kay. First braidcast in 1986.

[AUDIO] Speaking Out  (1996) 

BBC Radio Scotland, “Speaking Out” fae 1996 wi host Ruth Wishart. Panel discussion an phone-in.

Fae Radio Scotland’s saicont token “Scots Language Week”, the first ane wis in 1991. There’s a rare quote fae Jock Duncan (born 1925) at 43:30: “I nivver hea…

[VIDEO] The Big Scots Road Trip (2005)

The Big Scots Road Trip

Wi Carl MacDougall. Documentary braidcast on BBC Scotland. Made in 2005.

[VIDEO] Scots language of the People (2006)

Scots, pairt 1

Pairt 1 o a fower-pairt series fae Carl MacDougall, aboot the language’s historie. Braidcast in 2006.

[VIDEO] Minding Our Language – Ulster-Scots (2015) Covers quite a lot about mainland Scots, too

Minding Our Language – Ulster-Scots (Part 1)

Tim McGarry investigates the origins of the Scots & Ulster-Scots language.

[AUDIO] The Scots Tongue (2016) 

The Scots Tongue. Episode 1, The Border Ground

Episode 1 of 7A series of documentaries on the history of the Scots language written and presented by Billy Kay. (Revised repeat) Today, the links between th…

[AUDIO] Celebrating the Scots language (2019) with Billy Kay

Inside Europe: Celebrating the Scots language | DW | 27.09.2019

The first ever Scots language awards have been held in Glasgow, bringing together scholars, writers and musicians to celebrate of one of Scotland’s native languages: Scots. But if you’ve never heard of the language or thought that Scots Gaelic was the only native Scottish language, you’re not alone.

[VIDEO] Rebel Tongue (2020)

Rebel Tongue

For years, Scotland’s third language has been ignored or mocked – now it’s fighting back.

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