Luath Scots Language Learner: An Introduction to Contemporary Spoken Scots is the only beginners course in Scots at the moment. Comes with CDs.

Luath Scots Language Learner – Luath Press

This new edition of the Luath Scots Language Learner featuring updated information is suitable as an introductory course or for those interested in reacquainting themselves with the language of childhood and grandparents. There are dictionaries and grammar books but this is the first-ever language course. The book assumes no prior knowledge on the reader’s part.

The Open University runs two free courses about the Scots language and Lowland culture.

OLCreate: Scots language and culture 1 Scots language and culture – part 1

If you speak little or no Scots, you will, in addition to the above, be able to develop your understanding of written and spoken Scots in different dialects, as well as the structure of the language. You will also be able to practise writing and speaking Scots and build your Scots vocabulary.

OLCreate: Scots language and culture 2 Scots language and culture – part 2

This course is part of a collection of courses called Scots language and culture. There are 2 courses in this collection so you may find other courses here that maybe of interest to you.

Can non-Scots learn Scots?

Although the ScotsHaunbuik is primarily aimed at Scottish folk, anyone can learn it.

The Scots language – by an English polyglot

Curious about the Scots language – its history and what it’s like? As an English polyglot, I wanted to experience learning a language closely related to Engl…

If you are a linguist like the gentleman above, you might be interested in this.

Scots Language discussion with Colin Wilson! ??????? Author of Luath Scots Language Learner

Is Scots a language or a dialect? Join me and L. Colin Wilson, author of Luath Scots Language Learner, as we discuss the history of spoken and written Scots,…

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