550 Scots Phrases #GiesAScotsPhraseDay

This collection of Scots phrase was the second in a planned series of online publications aimed at helping adult learners speak and write Scots.

I gathered the phrases around 2014 from a variety of sources.

An update with ‘new’ Scots phrases from the internet was long overdue, but this edition was inspired by ‘Gies A Scots Phrase Day’ (June 2021) #GiesAScotsPhraseDay.


Scotlanger – A kinna like that….

Scots Radio 79

“Oor programme guest this month is poet, writer an musician, Wullie Hershaw fae Lochgelly in Fife.  Wullie tells us aboot his book ‘The Sair Road’ that transports us intae the mining communities o the 20th century –  and his new book caad ‘Earth Bound Companions’ wi bonnie illustrations fae Les McConnell.  Aa this an mair, wi songs bi Robert Tannahill featured alang wi ither music. Jine the the team for some guid banter an anither wanner roon the wirkin warl o Scottish Culture. Dinna hud back.”

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