Doric is vital

“The ‘mither tongue’ of the North East – Doric – should continue to be heard in local politics and our schools, an Aberdeenshire MSP said in his farewell speech at the Scottish Parliament last week.

Doric Road signs?

Bramble Graphics has been commissioned by North East Enterprise Platform (NEEP) to design guidelines for bilingual road signs using established sign design principles set out in the UK’s Traffic Signs Manual (TSM).The Doric road sign project recognises the importance of giving Doric a presence on road signs.Whilst there has been a drive to promote Gaelic on the West Coast, this initiative will see the appearance of Doric signs popping up on the East coast.The guidelines include urban street signs, warning signs, information way finding signs, road works and tourist route brown signs.

Download the full set of guidelines at www.bramblegraphics.com/doric-road-signs

An ye can ak yer ain signs here:


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