Some collectit yisterday. A copy o the airticle in the National. Ye’ll hae tae open it tae see whit they mean.

‘It’s nae loss whit a a freen gets’

‘It wisna fur naethin that the cat lickit the steen’

‘Hair like cat’s sookins’ meaning ‘wet, limp hair’

‘Whit’s for ye will no go by ye’

‘Dry boke’

‘Haud yer wheesht’

‘A shivery bite’

‘Awa an bile yer heid’

‘Gie it laldy’

Twa Pehs

Ma fav baker, ma fav pehs. But ma favourite breid product o theirs is the fudge doughnuts.

Street Scots

Imagine Scotland is a Dundee-based community group. Ane of their raicent initiatives wis tae muive fowk tae vote last month usin wash-aff cauk (chalk) street signs in Scots.

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