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Mon petit vocabulaire écossais

Interestin blog in the Frainch anent lairnin Scots.

Mon petit vocabulaire écossais

L’un des aspects les plus intéressants dans la découverte d’un pays, c’est la langue bien sûr. Jour après jour, en Ecosse, j’apprends de nouvelles expressions locales et je me constitue un nouveau vocabulaire – pour le plus grand plaisir de mes comparses écossais.Du parler


Interestin style sheet

Kinna like this wey; taks the richt revolutionary stap o yaisin dictionars, but laves a bittie flexibeelitie an aw.

Mak Forrit Style Sheet

Maist scrievers haes their ain thochts an preferences whan it comes til orthography. As editor I’m mintin tae get the nummer o spellins doun til a couple o variants sae tae mak the blog mair consístent an easy tae read.

Nae awbodie wis wi me:Consider “flexibeelity” or, for the sak o airgument, ‘conseeder’: thae words doesna hae an /i:/ inno thaim. It’s a mair cuttie soond. Forby, it sinders the etymology in room o a dialect writin convention. That’s whit wey A canna gang fit for fit wi dictionar spellins. They seem awfae menseless, and devaul fae tradition forby”.

A respondit: “Aw dictionaries come frae langage-in-yiss. Spellins will be ‘menseless’ at times, dis it maitter? Menseless spellin is a pairt o Scots an aw. English is ane o the biggest warld langages and its spellin is, as we weel ken, a linguistic midden. Spellin/etymological ‘purity’ is a ideological poseetion, mibbies a desirable ane but isna gaun tae happen onietime suin, eh? Whit we *dae* hae is braw dictionars tae wark wi, yet – an Scots is the *ainlie* tung whaur A ken this gangs on – lairners is aften acteeve-like pit aff by fowk frae yaisin thaim. Whit guid thon daes is ayont ma ken. As fowk sey, “stairt frae whaur ye are an wark wi whit ye hae”. ; )”

But: “Ma concern is nocht adae wi purity or some ither vice Clive, it’s wi adoption. A canna win masel tae writin oot ‘ee’ for ‘i’ or ‘ck’ for ‘ct’ as it’s ower radical, and A canna see ither fowk daein the same”.

Dinnae Apologise, Dinnae Explain

Bella aifter oor siller here, but aye up the richt dreel, e.g. “Bi uisin the tongue, ye’re no appropriatin it, ye’re normalisin it. Ye’re makkin it intae a leid like ony ither, yin that’s learnt an spoken in aw the sindry accents o the kintra. An gin ye’re wirrit that ye micht be daein it wrang, weel, we’re aw daein it wrang. The anely thing mair ordinar tae a language than its everyday uise is its everyday misuise. It’s mair o that we’re needin, no less.

English Speakers! We Want YOU!

We ken the nummers back tae front bi nou. Oot o five million fowk bidin in Scotland, 1.6 million self-identify as speakers o Scots. That’s hauners eneuch for ony fecht, eh no? But still it leas us wi a wheen o chiels wha dinnae speak Scots, or think they dinnae, or wish they didnae.

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