Burns backlash II

We ken the Guardian disna like Scotland awfie much aither.

Robert Burns: was the beloved poet a ‘Weinsteinian sex pest’?

Ahead of this year’s Burns Night, the 18th-century bard has come under harsh scrutiny from Liz Lochhead over his treatment of women A year ago, Nicola Sturgeon marked Robert Burns’s 25 January birthday by posting a video celebrating his poetry, praising Scotland’s national bard for his “enduring values of equality, inclusion and internationalism” and inviting Scots to toast his memory at that evening’s Burns Night parties.

Mair on the stushie

Burns biographer agrees Scotland’s National Bard had his ‘Harvey Weinstein moments’

THE “outing” of Scotland ‘s National Bard as a “sex pest” has split academics, with a biographer saying it was right to say “he had his Harvey Weinstein moments”. The debate was sparked by poet Liz Lochhead’s claim the wordsmith was the Harvey Weinstein of his day and had boasted in a letter of raping his pregnant girlfriend on a horse manure-strewn floor.

The traducing of Robert Burns

LIZ Lochhead’s banal comparison of Robert Burns to Harvey Weinstein on the basis of a single boastful letter to a male friend (“Anger over Burns ‘sex pest’ claim”, The Herald, January 15) tells us more about the current fashion for jumping on bandwagons than it does about the alleged sexual indiscretions of a man in his twenties who died more than 200 years ago.

Scots poet ‘amazed’ at reaction to Robert Burns ‘sex pest’ comment

Scots poet Liz Lochhead has said she is retiring from giving talks on Robert Burns after landing herself in trouble with fans of the Bard by calling him a “sex pest”. Miss Lochhead, one of Scotland’s most popular modern poets, said she was “amazed” at the reaction to her comments comparing the Ayrshire wordsmith to Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.


Scots Radio… noo wi picters!

Git yer een roon this…

Join Scots Radio as they stravaig the Royal Mile in Embra, looking at how the Bard is commemorated this year.

Scots Radio Burns Special Edition

Join Scots Radio as they stravaig the Royal Mile in Embra, looking at how the Bard is commemorated this year. Featuring Donald Smith, heid o the Storytelling Centre, and an exhibition on Burns’ fiery politics. Includes a stunning rendition of the Tam o Shanter, perhaps Burns’ most famous work.


The Bard is a brand

Gies 9 guid rizzons hoo Rabbie maitters yet,

  1. He brings us t’gither
  2. He was politically radical
  3. He loved the lasses, O
  4. He is an icon of Scots identity and culture
  5. He knew honest poverty
  6. He gets all ower the place
  7. He raises difficult questions
  8. He was a human for a’ that
  9. He was a genius writer

Why the Bard still matters

THESE days Burns isn’t just a bard, he’s a brand. Back in 2003 the World Bank estimated that Robert Burns boosted the Scottish economy by £157 million. SNP MSP Joan McAlpine, who wants the value-added figure of the Bard’s financial benefits to Scotland updated, says Burns the brand helps promote Scotland’s exports and trade links “around the globe”.




Burns backlash Part I

“Wenn ich schottische Kultur höre … entsichere ich meine Browning!”

Brian Beacom: Why I’m suffering First Degree Burns

BURNS Night is with us. And for many this represents a chance to splash tartan-wellyed in the deep puddles of the Bard’s cultural legacy, to rejoice in the outpourings of this literary colossus, part ploughman poet, part socialist superman. But it’s total bolleks. (Word courtesy of a Scots language dictionary).


Fun wi phonetics

Fun wi phonetics. Accordin tae the latest research (Hall-Lew , Friskney & Scobbie, 2017) Scottish Labour MPs dinna jist think different frae SNP MPs, they soond different an aw. The ‘high CAT vowel’ is associatit wi RP an the Sooth o England, BTW.