“A polemic in Scots”

‘The Wey Forrit is a polemic – “an extended rant” as McHardy calls it – written entirely in Scots which attacks from a left-wing perspective the accepted ideas and traditions of the past 300 years. ‘McHardy said: “In this book I say what I think needs to be done politically and culturally in Scotland, and I have written it in Scots because one of the problems has been the suppression of our languages with all the attendant cultural problems that had brought.’

Ane o the reasons this book is scrieved in Scots is tae mak the simple pynt that defendin Scottish culture is o great importance gin we are ettlin tae tak back oor status as a nation state. (p64)

Author attacks English nationalism’s suppression of Scottish culture and ‘lickspittle journalists’

A SCOTTISH author is launching a double-barrelled attack on English domination of Scottish language, history and culture, with “peelie-wallie politicians and lickspittle journalists” chiefly in his firing line. Stuart McHardy will this month launch two books published by Luath Press which follow up his controversial 2015 work Scotland ‘s Future History that questioned why so much of Scottish history was written from a “British” perspective.


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